Smoothie Time!

Summer is definitely the best time for these delicious fruity drinks. Whether you like your smoothies with milk or without, it’s never too late to get out that blender/smoothie-maker and whirl up a home-made smoothie.

You don’t need to invest in a massive smoothie making machine that has like a million different functions that you don’t even need. I use a hand blender and it does the job.

I looove smoothies with dairy milk, just because I like the taste better than if it’s just blended fruit. I also love the fact that you can make it out of whatever fruit you have at home. Obviously, the more variety – the better! My favourites include bananas and grapes, because my fan buys them anyway so I don’t need to make an extra trip down to the shop for any special ingredients.

If you’re feeling adventurous you can come up with your own recipe, or just add and blend in fruit as you go along. You can’t really go wrong with the taste, because as long as you like the individual fruit, you’re bound to like the taste of the final smoothie (it’s rare for it to end up tasting awful).

Here is a recipe for one of my faves, you can play around with the amount of fruit/milk you add in to vary the taste or the consistency.

You will need:

– a glass, a blender, a vessel that is big enough and tall enough for you to do your blending in

– ½ banana, a handful of grapes (I used green seedless ones), a handful of cherries (I have to admit, it was quite a nightmare de-seeding them), milk (200ml and it doesn’t have to be dairy – feel free to use almond milk or other liquids), chia seeds (if you want to be extra healthy/if you have any available)

Smoothie Time

I throw everything into this tall, wide plastic cup that is very good for blending (my blender fits right down to the very bottom). My advice is to measure out the milk first (my plastic cup has a measuring scale, but if yours doesn’t just add the milk by what you think is the right amount for you). You can add ice if you want your smoothie to be cold.

I blend everything once, and then I add a teaspoon or two of chia seeds. I blend everything a second time to make sure it really is a smoothie and doesn’t contain any clumps.

Smoothie Time 2

Finally, I pour the drink into a tall glass and decorate it with some more fruit on top (I like to pretend I work in a fancy bar where they put lil umbrellas and twisty straws into your drinks)!



PS. Follow @healthyblends on Instagram for some of the best smoothie inspiration/recipes out there. Thank me later. 😉

– Dasha xo


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